The aim of this graphic design project was to make new technology approachable with the use of colors and composition, while following the style guide of Helsinki city.
Face-like features, with zig-zag lines, that flow like hair from the bus’s “forehead” to the sides were created to soften the facial appearance of the bus, since I wanted to make the bus look less aggressive. A key element of the design was the usage of the side window areas as a canvas for the users of the bus. They were able to write & draw onto the windows with water-soluble markers. 
By the time the windows turned into bulletin boards and people could read messages from other users. Now and then the windows had to be wiped, but they were photographed and shared in social media in beforehand.
Currently the #robobus is tested in dense urban environment in the Kalasatama district in Helsinki, where it operates under HSL line number 26R. For more information, please visit the Helsinki Robobusline website
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