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My name is Atte Linna, and I am a Helsinki-based designer and innovator with a broad spectrum of interests and skills; bridging the gap from analog to digital, and from physical to virtual. 

In the past I've been working in advertising mostly on visual design, but during my studies at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences I discovered sustainability and urban mobility as topics of interest. 

As I've always loved to tinker, I can't keep my fingers from new technologies, so over the years I've gathered quite a lot of knowledge and skills in different fields like electronics, robotics, software & web development, prototyping etc. Today, I'm intrigued by the rapid advance of AI tools and applications, which open a whole new playground for designers, engineers and software developers. 

It is very interesting to play with different future scenarios, and to think of ways how AI can be applied to solve problems that matter - for instance global warming, or on smaller scale to help mitigate societal issues, or simply to optimize user experience of services and products.

In summer, you'll likely find me biking somewhere in Helsinki, or who knows, maybe one day on a road trip through Europe.
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