Redesigning the Wheel
I am an upcoming product and service designer with an emphasis on urban transportation.
The bicycle celebrated 2017 it's 200th anniversary while having a worldwide renaissance by the rise of it's electrification. This opens endless possibilities for new products and services.
Atte Linna's portrait
In the past I've been working as a graphic designer in advertising doing creative multi channel ad production, both in-house and agency. On smaller accounts I've been also in directive role.
At some point I realized the speed the world is changing around us and began to think about my own future. There was this feeling that there could be better ways to express my creativity. As I've always liked to tinker, I began to explore my options and ended up applying to Bachelor's degree studies in industrial design at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki which has become known for its solid foundation in automotive design and robotic vehicle engineering. 
As an enthusiastic e-biker I will turn my passion to a profession and devote my skills and creativity in making the shared electric vehicle an eligible choice of urban transportation. Further, I am constantly exploring the possibilities emerging technologies and new materials are presenting us.
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