My earliest encounter with 3D printing dates to 2005 at HAW Hamburg during the Long Night of the Sciences. The lecture back then presented 3D printing as a new manufacturing method and showed few interesting examples. I was instantly hooked and I saw the revolutionary potential of this technology, but it took ten more years to stumble upon the true revolution, the RepRap project. It is an open design 3D printer licensed under the GNU general public license, and it aims to spread the technology by self-replication. Hence the name, Replicating Rapid prototyper. 
In 2015 I build my first RepRap printer from scratch, the Mendel90 by Nophead, and learnt the secrets of 3D printing on it. Then, last year I found the Hangprinter project. Torbjørn's Youtube videos of the prints inspired me the way the lecture at HAW Hamburg did. The Hangprinter is the first open design printer that has the potential to fabricate objects in dimensions that are interesting for industrial applications.
The printer is designed to hang from the ceiling and to be anchored near floor level. But since not everyone has a dedicated room for the purpose, I saw a need for a frame that can be moved and adjusted. The frame is exhibited during the Helsinki Design Week at the Metropolia Creative Campus Arabia (7.–16.9.2018)
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